Best Headlamps for Running 2021

Comparing and contrasting running headlamps can be time consuming and frustrating. There are quite a few options available and it can be difficult to understand the benefits and differences between each one.

To help simplify your search, just refer to our useful guide below of the six best headlamps for running. We make is quick and easy for you to compare and contrast the top brands.

Consider This

Before you select a headlamp, consider the following:

  • Beam Distance. A good headlamp casts light around 360 feet (110 meters) at its strongest setting.
  • Battery Life. If you’re taking daily jogs or runs close to your home, it’s easy to recharge or change the batteries when needed.
    When you need steady light for a number of hours as you run in the dark, then the battery life makes a huge difference.
    Rechargeable batteries are usually a better choice than disposable batteries.

Top 6 Best Running Headlamps Comparison

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
81EVsc0 S1L. SL15001. LuxoLite CREE LED Headlamp - Super Bright Lumens Head Flashlight$$4.9
81s1GfDNk6L. SL15002. Headlamp Flashlight - USB Rechargeable 280 Lumens Cree Led$$$4.8
41Nml49%2BVBL. SL1103. Brightest & Best Headlamp Flashlight with Red LED Light for Running$$4.8
51jnNtwuNML. SL1104. SmartLite Ultra LED Headlamp$$4.8
5. Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp, Ultra Blue$$$$4.6
6. yalumi LED Headlamp Spark 105-Lumen 90-Meter Spotlight$4.5

Useful Headlamp Tips for Runners

Below are some useful tips that will further help you compare and contrast headlamps:

  • Light Output. The brightness is measured in lumens, and although a higher number means a brighter light, remember that the quality of the headlamp itself and how well it is able to direct the light can also affect the brightness level.
  • Light Color. Get a headlamp that will shine a second color, preferably green or red, as they are easier for they eye to detect when it’s dark outside.
  • Two Lights. Usually headlamps provide light in front of you so that you can see where you’re going, but it’s also important for your safety that others see you, too.

For additional safety, have a light that shines behind you (like a small clip-on) to help others see where you are.

Some runners also find that a headlamp can affect their depth perception, so having a small waist-level lamp can help eliminate this issue.

  • Additional Gear. Having a reflective vest can make a big difference, especially if you run or jog where traffic passes.

Top 3 Best Headlamp for Running Reviews

1. LuxoLite LED Headlamp

81EVsc0 S1L. SL1500

The LuxoLite is a great headlamp that offers you everything you need when you are running.

It offers you three light settings: the highest will project light 360 feet (110 meters) in front of you at 168 lumens, which will shine for up to 30 hours. On the lowest setting, it projects light 29 feet (9 meters) out at a brightness of 17 lumens. Choose from red or white light, solid or flashing mode as well as brightness levels to offer you the right amount of light based on your conditions.

The headband is comfortable, appropriate for both kids and adults.

Tilt it to the desired angle so the light in front of you shines higher or lower, and you’ll love that it’s waterproof.

This takes three AAA batteries, which means you’ll have to change them out rather than recharge when you’re done using.

This is a risk-free product because LuxoLite backs it up with a Lifetime and Satisfaction Guarantee! Great product and great customer service should you ever encounter any issues.

2. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

81s1GfDNk6L. SL1500

This is a more professional piece of gear that the serious runner will appreciate.

On the highest setting, this will shine at a whopping 280 lumens, 393 feet (120 meters) and features a sturdy headband design that will keep it in place no matter where your runs take you.

You can adjust from a narrow, focused beam to a wide beam and you can tilt it up to a 90° angle. Choose steady light and flashing modes, and a variety of light intensities based on the brightness you need. It’s also waterproof, cold and impact resistant!

The handy rechargeable battery, along with all of the other desirable features, makes it one of the best headlamps for running on our list.

3. Vitchelo V800 LED Headlamp


This is another great headlamp and runners will appreciate the various intensity modes, red and white lights that are easy to turn on (the buttons are separate) and that it shines up to 360 feet (110 meter) out on the highest setting.

The beam angle maximum is 45°, a bit less than the previous model but still great for the average runner and take three AAA batteries.

Vitchelo is comparable to some of the other top brands, such as Black Diamond and Petzl, for the features it includes, and it costs a bit less.

A great deal!

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