7 Best Running Shorts for Men 2021

If you are looking for the best running shorts for men it shouldn’t have to be a difficult task. That doesn’t make it an easy one either. Mobility, comfort, ventilation, and weight in a pair of running shorts are important. Depending on the fabrics used and the built-in features, each pair of shorts will vary. We have compiled a list of the top-rated running shorts in the athletic clothing industry. So you can find a high-quality pair of shorts that will get you running at peak performances every time.

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How to Find the Best Running Shorts for Men

Shopping for a good pair of running shorts? You’ll want to consider the many features that are available. Whether your a casual runner, marathon runner, or ultra runner, you’ll want to ensure that your shorts are comfortable for your whole run. Here is a list of features that you’ll want to consider before purchasing.

  • Mobility is one of the most important factors that come into play when running. You want to feel like you’re running in the nude. If you have to adjust your shorts around while running, you will become annoyed.
  • Breathability is another important feature. Excessive heat on your legs can cause heat fatigue and rashes. Some running shorts will also have breathable liners. These prevent your legs and thighs from over-heating.
  • Pockets are not always found on running shorts. Many runners rarely carry items along with them. But, if you do want to run with your cell phone, some running shorts offer large pockets. You want the pockets to keep your items in place without affecting your running movements.
  • Look for lightweight running shorts. While shorts don’t weigh much, to begin with, every extra ounce can make a huge difference. Try to find the lightest running shorts you can without compromising on quality.
  • Length most shorts will come in 3 different sizes 3″, 5″ and 7″ length. 5″ are the most popular length and are short enough for a lot of movement. If you want a short that covers most of your thighs or bigger pockets than look for 7″ shorts.
  • Liner shorts can come with no liner, a boxer short liner or a small brief liner. It is personal preferance what you want to choose I would try on a few and see what you prefer. If you do not have dedicated running or athletic underwear than buying a lined short be best to prevent chaffing.

7 Best Running Shorts for Men Reviews

Best Mens Shorts with Pockets

At the top of our list of the best running shorts for men is the Under Armour Men’s Speed Short with Pockets. The fabric is a lightweight polyester fabric, that won’t drag you down. The fabric is very durable. It has a 4-way stretch that allows mobility and is very comfortable.
The stretch material also allows these shorts to keep their shape. I find the shorts mold to your body with perfection. Under Armour has a Signature Moisture Transport System. This prevents sweat from building up.
Under Armour also comes with an expandable large center waistband pocket and small back zipper pocket. The pockets are water-resistant & will keep your phone, keys and/or nutrition gels safe with no bouncing The shorts come in 7 in or 5 in lengths. These make our top spot for the best men’s running shorts because of comfort, breathability, and superior mobility.

2 in 1 Nike Shorts

2 in 1 shorts come with a built-in boxer. Nike Flex Stride 2 in 1 short has moisture-wicking stretchy fabric that stretches with your body. If you are prone to chaffing the extra length on the liner will prevent your upper thighs from rubbing together.
These athletic shorts have a comfortable waistband with an internal drawstring. And are perfect shorts for runners who like to wear longer shorts that hit right above the knees?
There are 2 side pockets as well as a small zipper pocket for keys or money. These are our favorite Nike athletic shorts.

Best Lined Shorts

The Brooks Sherpa is a great running short. They have a silky smooth inner liner with a there feeling and great fit. The shorts come in a variety of colors to choose from.
It is a lightweight short made with moisture-wicking fabric. Brooks has added reflective markings for visibility at night and dark morning runs.
There is one zippered pocket great for small items but nothing big enough for your phone, as well as an accessable stash pocket for energy gels or snacks. These men’s running shorts have great reviews so we are not the only ones who like them.

Best Trail Running Short

Patagonia make an awesome trail running short. They are a little on the expensive side but are a cult classic. They are made of a nice comfortable stretchy material. There are side splits for increased range of motion. to help you go the distance. The best feature is the extendable water resistant pockets giving ample space to fit your phone, gels, keys. There is 1 zipper back pocket and 4 drop-in side pockets 

These trail running shorts have a really comfortable built-in polyester boxer-brief liner. It is ultralight and breathable providing chafe-free thighs. Patagonia Strider’s are the best running shorts for men who like long trail runs and ultra running.

Best Long Running Shorts

Under Armour Men’s Raid men’s running short is another great pair of running shorts. They provide comfort and ease of mobility. The lightweight fabric is 90% polyester and 10% elastane.
Breathability is one of the key features of the Raid Short. They allow great airflow to the thighs and provide a great ability to prevent sweat from building up. With UPF 30+ protection, you won’t have to worry about the sun rays affecting your thighs either. These shorts have no liner. And there are 2 large mesh pockets.
Under Armour Men’s Raid Short is a great buy at an affordable price range. Lightweight, superior breathability, and great stretch, make these running shorts great. Perfect for casual and professional runners alike.


The CW-X Men’s Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts are great for warm-weather runners. With a built-in cooling system that prevents excessive heat build-up. Heat fatigue will no longer be an issue. The mesh ventilation allows hot air to escape and cool air to enter, creating a sort of air conditioning system.
These are lightweight compression running shorts. They have great mobility, these shorts are also incredibly comfortable. With extra built-in support features, you will get to enjoy the highest performance. They are tight, some men prefer to wear lightweight shorts on top.
CW-X Compression shorts are a great buy. They provide great stability and improved performance while keeping you cool and dry the entire time.

Best Cheap Running Shorts

These are the best running shorts for men that are budget-friendly. They are a fraction of the cost of the other name-brand shorts available. They are comfortable to run in and have a nice mesh liner but they are a little too baggy.
Baleaf’s have a nice lightweight fabric with 4 way stretch. The fabric will wick away all your sweat. The athletic shorts feature 3 nice-sized pockets. One at the back with a zipper great for keys or a credit card and 2 medium-sized at the front.
These are our top picks for the best cheap running short.

Best Running Shorts for Men – Frequently Asked Questions?

Are Lululemon shorts good for running?

Yes, Lululemon makes nice running shorts. They did not make our top picks but, T.H.E is our recommendation if you want to try the brand. T.H.E has a flat waistline and uses a lightweight breathable fabric. You can choose between liner or linerless.

Are shorter shorts better for running?

No, it is personal preferences. Longer athletics shorts made from stretchy breathable materials, won’t restrict your movement. So choose what you think is most comfortable.

What makes good running shorts?

Length, pockets, and having a liner is a personal preference. Running shorts should be comfortable and lightweight. You should look for moisture-wicking fabric and with a comfy flat waistband.

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