Best Hydration Pack for Running 2021

When you’re out for a daily jog or run, it’s important to keep your body properly hydrated.

Since a drinking fountain or a clean water source may not always be available, the only other option you have is to carry the water while you run.

In our guide below, we’ll show you the six best hydration packs for running that will allow you to efficiently carry the water you need without slowing you down.

Focus more on your running techniques and less on your water breaks!

Few Things to Consider

Before you select a hydration pack, consider the following:

  • Backpack or Belts. There are benefits to each type of hydration system and there are some great models of each that are specifically designed for runners.

Backpacks feature a convenient straw and hold more water, while belts house less water either on your back or in the front of your body.

Figure out how much water you’ll need on your run and decide which is most comfortable.

Top 6 Hydration Packs for Running Overview

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
51NN%2BhiKHuL. SL1101. Nathan Intensity Vest, 2-Liter, Tango Red/Tangerine$$$4.8
51VwlHObK1L. SL1102. Camelbak Products Men's HydroBak Hydration Pack$$4.6
41Eah38TaGL. SL1103. Osprey Packs Rev 1.5 Hydration Pack$$4.5
4131U19uekL. SL1104. Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt, Black$4.4
41n 9ZCZTL. SL1105. Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest$$$$4.4
51VRaH8rUCL. SL1106. Hydration Running Belt With 2 BPA Free Water Bottles$4.4

What You Need

Opt for a sleek, lightweight backpack or waistband that is easy to use and stays securely in place as you run.

  • Extra Bladder/Reservoir. It’s a good idea to have a few extra reservoirs, also known as bladders, for hydration backpacks around so you can switch them out and clean them between uses.
  • Additional Storage. Having extra pockets for snacks, sweat rags or small personal items is great, and ideally, you want pockets with zippers to make sure nothing falls out as you run.

Top 3 Hydration Pack for Runners Reviews

The best hydration packs for runners balance functionality and are lightweight, so we found that the following packs offer you everything you need:

1. Nathan Intensity Vest


Female endurance runners will appreciate this vest, as it is specifically designed to fit their form.

For longer runs, you need to make sure you have an abundant water supply and the Nathan Intensity Race vest will offer you just that.

The back houses a 2-liter reservoir and plenty of other personal items that you will need as you run, and the front has a pouch for a 22-ounce water bottle, as well.

This vest keeps you cool with the breathable mesh straps and you can adjust it to fit snugly around your curves without uncomfortably compressing you around the chest.

If you are headed out for a lengthy trail run where you need plenty of storage space for water and personal items, as well as something durable and lightweight, then this is the perfect vest for you.

Guys, there are also different versions of this pack that are designed for your shape, so be sure to check them out!

2. Camelbak HydroBak Hydration Pack


CamelBak has a variety of hydration packs that runners and athletes love. They aren’t bulky and fit your body like a glove, with the benefit of housing your precious drinking water as you run.

This model holds 1.5 liters of liquid and its’ a bit slimmer than the previous model with less storage space. This is great for runners who need a lightweight system that won’t jeopardize their speed and allow them to carry the absolute bare minimum of personal items at they run.

The bite valve features a locking mechanism, which you can open and close to prevent leakage and the back of the pack is lined in a breathable mesh that will comfortably mold to your form once you’ve secured the straps.

This also features a reflective strap for night runs that you can hook additional lights to in order to be seen.

Great safety features and a great, lightweight vest for marathons!

3. Osprey Packs Rev 1.5


The Osprey is a mix between the CamelBak and the Nathan we mentioned above. It houses a 1.5 liter reservoir like the CamelBak but and offers you the storage space you’ll need for trail running like the Nathan. This is a bit lighter than the Nathan since it holds less water and it has slightly less storage space.

The digital flip sleeve allows you to easily store and view your smart phone without removing it from the cover and you can purchase a hose insulator to help keep the water from freezing if you plan to run in cold weather.

This is a great in-between model if you’re not sure which one to pick. We highly recommend it!

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