4 Best Track Spikes 2021

There are many different shoe designs to choose from when you are an athlete, and when you’re on the track and field team, there is an additional component that makes it important to choose carefully: the spikes.

Finding the right shoe-and-spike combination can be a bit tricky, so below we’ll show you the four best track spikes that will give you that extra edge you’re looking for as an athlete.

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Ultimate Guide for Chosing the Right Track Shoes

Before you purchase a pair of track spikes, consider where and at what events you will be running.

Indoor or Outdoor: Determine where the majority of your events will take place throughout the season to help you select the right pair. Some events are mostly indoors, others are mostly outdoors or you will have a mixture of both. If you are only running outdoors you can opt for a cross-country shoe with more cushioning meant for long runs.

Running Distance: There are different types of shoes depending on the distance of the race you will be competing in. Sprinting track runners if you are doing short distances, middle distance spikes for 800m sprints to 1500m sprints, and long-distance shoes for races over 1500m.

What Size of Spikes to Choose?

Track 6mm. For sprinters or distance runners, other sizes are usually not permitted.

Cross Country 9mm. For those who run through muddy or wet outdoor fields

Cross Country 12mm.  For better grip in muddy and wet conditions.

What are the Different Types of Spikes?

Spikes come in a variety of shapes

Pyramid. These are wider spikes used on indoor and outdoor tracks. They have a sharp point on the top and usually a wider base, very much like the shape of a pyramid. Some pyramid spikes have a narrower base. It varies from brand to brand. Some indoor tracks will only allow these spikes.

Needle. A steep spike with a sharp point, best on dirt or grass cross-country course or else cinder tracks.

Christmas Tree or Compression. These are tiered spikes with a dull top, designed not to puncture or penetrate the track and thus making it more difficult to pull the foot back up again. Just imagine a Christmas tree with the top cut off!

Spike Material: The spikes on the bottom of the shoe are made of different materials. Ceramic (the lightest in weight), Titanium Alloy, or Steel.

Extra tips

Wear really good technical socks check out our top picks. Know the fit will be tighter than your regular running shoes. Carry a pair of pliers with you to your events for spike removal. Have extra pins in your bag in case some are worn down or you need to replace any damaged ones.

Top 4 Best Track Spikes Reviews

Sprinting Spikes

The pyramid spikes on these Adidas are perfect for young high school sprinters and hurdlers. The synthetic uppers are perforated to offer ventilation to your feet and your Achilles tendon will appreciate the soft collar around the ankle.

The padded tongue is tacked down on the medial side of the shoe to offer you a snug fit and the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) spike plate helps you stay on your forefoot while offering excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.

Distance Spikes

One of the best track spikes for the aspiring athlete! Middle distance runners (anywhere from 800 meters all the way up to 5,000 meters) will appreciate the Saucony Endorphin track spikes.

The overlays in the midfoot and the heel, which renders it very light, and it features a six-pin spike plate for excellent traction. This is a great indoor or outdoor track shoe!

Best Track Spikes

The Saucony Endorphin 3 shoes will have you shooting around the track like a bullet. They feature a four-pin spike plate that you can customize with multifunctional pyramid spikes that are great for indoor tracks or outdoor tracks

The narrow heel and support strap helps keep the shoe in place as you run, giving you the secure, comfortable fit that you need. You’ll definitely be able to use these durable shoes for a few seasons, so they are worth the investment in the long run (no pun intended!).

Cross Country Spikes

The Saucony Havok is a great shoe for a varsity cross country runner. It features a sock-like fit, as it has its own seamless sock layer and a breathable mesh upper. It has a perfect amount of cushioning throughout the shoe. It features a full-length 6 pin base plate; this cross-country shoe is made for aggressive terrain. One of the best track spikes for cross country runners at an affordable price.

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