10 Best Running Shoes for Men 2021

To paraphrase a famous meme, you don’t need running shoes to run – but it certainly helps. These kicks are specifically designed for the high-impact motion that forces your body while running. It goes without saying that you need to find the best running shoes for men before you can even think about running.

What does finding the best running shoes means exactly? Over the years, there has been plenty of debate about how to choose the best shoes for running. Some think that you can’t find the right shoe without proper gait analysis while others claim that you just need to listen to your body when you’re trying on running shoes.

We know how confusing it can get. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the best running shoes for your needs.

Head down and take a look.

Gait Type

Knowing what to look for can give you a better idea of how your next pair of running shoes should feel on your feet. While some experts consider gait analysis a thing of the past, most of them still argue that it represents one of the most important steps in choosing the right running shoes. Every man’s foot turns differently during the gait cycle, so it is vital to understand the natural rotation of your foot. There are three types of gaits:

  • Normal Pronation. When it comes to normal pronation, after the heel makes initial contact with the floor, the foot rolls about 15 degrees inward. This type of pronation helps the foot distribute the force of the impact equally.
  • Overpronation. This type of pronation occurs when the foot has an exaggerated inward roll, but the exterior side of the heel still makes contact with the floor. As a result, you push off with your big and second toes. Overpronators should wear sneakers that offer them more stability.
  • Underpronation. In under pronation, the foot rolls outward and you push off with your smaller toes. Under-pronators should wear shoes that provide shock absorption.

Top 10 Running Shoes for Men Ultimate Table

PictureNameProduct TypePriceRating (1-5)
Product Type
Rating (1-5)
71Ed5Dca2EL. SP1101. Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 11 Running ShoeStability Shoes$$4.6
81fl0lwAvXL. SP1102. Nike Men's Lunarglide 7 Running ShoeStability Shoes$$$4.6
71bEnckvk0L. SP1103. K-Swiss Men's ST329 CMF Training ShoeCushion Shoes$4.5
81bKvmuGTpL. SP1104. Brooks Men's Beast 14 Running ShoeMotion Control Shoes$$$$4.5
81zeVHd3XIL. SP1105. ASICS Men's GEL-Foundation 8 Running ShoeStability Shoes$$4.5
81y9f2 zVWL. SP1106. Nike Men's Air Max Tavas Fashion/Running SneakerCushion Shoes$4.4
917VIK1 OdL. SP1107. Saucony Men's Hurricane ISO 2 Running ShoeCushion Shoes$$$$4.4
81SgKe%2BfWmL. SP1108. Reebok Men's Zprint 3d Running ShoeStability Shoes$4.3
81SHAqfTyRL. SP1109. adidas Performance Men's Speed Trainer 2 Training ShoeMotion Control Shoes$4.1
81D4w4Ys90L. SP11010. New Balance Men's 510v3 Tech Ride Trail Running ShoeMotion Control Shoes$$4.0

Finding the best running shoes for men might seem like a complicated task, but with the right information, you will find the right pair that will help you power through your next sweat session.

Choose the Right Type of Running Shoes

There are three types of men’s running shoes:

  • Stability Shoes. These types of shoes are best suited for runners with moderate pronation. The cushion in the middle of the sole provides medical support while the arches ensure flexibility from toe to heel.
  • Motion Control Shoes. If you have severe overpronation, then these are the right shoes for you. The thick heel limits pronation while the wide-based sole provides support.
  • Cushioning Shoes. These types of shoes provide light arch support and heightened shock absorption. They feature a soft cushion that protects the joints and offer underfoot support. They are ideal for runners with moderate under-pronators.

Other Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing

Consider these following details before choosing your pair of shoes:

  • Know Your Size. After you’ve established what types of shoes you need, the next step is to measure your feet by both length and width. This step is critical because size can differ from a manufacturer to another.
  • Make Sure They Feel Good. Knowing your pronation isn’t the whole story. You still need to find shoes that match your foot’s contour. Take your shoes for a short run either on the sidewalk or the store’s treadmill. Make sure the shoes provide a natural-feeling support under each arch.
  • Know What You Want. Intense terrains require more traction than paved roads, for instance. If you need shoes for trail tuning, you should buy shoes that maximize grip and durability.

Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Men Reviews

1. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 11

71Ed5Dca2EL. SP500

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is the overall highest rated pair of running shoes for men by both experts and regular users.

These shoes are specially created for men who have normal pronation or over pronation. As a result, they offer a lot of support due to their extra cushioning.

Due to its function and design, Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 11 will help you go that extra mile you always wanted but never could achieve because of your equipment. The height of the heel and platform offers you the right support while letting the foot breathe and feel comfortable.

Another great advantage these shoes have is their eye-catching design. Sleek and versatile, they will become the primary focus of your outfit. That way, you are not only going to feel comfortable during your jogging sessions but also look good.

All in all, if you are looking for comfort and versatility, Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 deserves a place among the best men’s running shoes.

2. Nike Men’s Lunarglide 7

81fl0lwAvXL. SP500

One of the things that make Nike Lunarglide one of the best options when looking for running shoes is the stability they offer. In other words, this pair of shoes has extra cushioning in the middle of the sole which provides additional medical support. In translation, this means that you will have a better experience during your running sessions.

Another great thing about Nike Men’s Lunarglide 7 is that it allows for flexibility while offering heel stability and providing additional durability.

So, if you are looking for the most comfortable and lightweight shoes on the market, this is one of the best options you have. Say goodbye to discomfort or sore feet after running more than twenty miles.

3. K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe

71bEnckvk0L. SP500

The majority of people like to jog around the neighborhood to clear their mind after a long and stressful day. There are also those who don’t job out of pleasure but to lose weight or stay in shape. And then, there are those who like to challenge themselves, set some records, push their limits and to get out of their comfort zone. We’re not only talking about marathon runners, but also about those who enjoy a bumpy road.

If you are one of those people, the K-Swiss Training Shoes, by far, the best running sneakers for you. Due to their enhanced outsoles, these shoes offer traction, support, and stability when encountering minor obstacles such as loose pebbles and rocks.

One of the things you will love about these shoes, especially if you are running through steep terrain, is the increased shock absorption they offer due to the extra layer of cushioning. The light arch support makes them feel natural and comfortable in your feet.

The main difference between these shoes and a regular pair is that K-Swiss Training Shoes are designed with a soft cushion that reduces stress on the lower extremity joints and provides underfoot support.

Another important detail that we need to mention about the K-Swiss Training Shoes is that they are perfect for runners with mild pronation of under pronation.

All in all, K-Swiss Training Shoes are ideal for people who like to challenge themselves and don’t like to be slowed down by their equipment.

4. Brooks Men’s Beast 14

81bKvmuGTpL. SP500

We have talked about running shoes that provide better stability. We’ve also mention shoes with added cushion for shock control. How about motion control shoes?

That is where the running shoes created by Brooks come into play.

These running shoes by Brooks have been specially designed for runners who have moderate to severe overpronation. The main characteristic of these kicks is that they contain additional layers of foam pads. As a result, you will be able to distribute your weight evenly across the foot and heel. Since the Brooks Men’s Beast 14 prevents overpronation, you are less likely to get injured during running.

Among other features, these shoes also include a stiffer heel that can help limit pronation. Due to their wider based sole, they offer more support than most running shoes on the market.

One thing to keep in mind is that these types of shoes tend to be bulkier and usually have a solid foundation. The outlook of the shoes is a result of their features that help give an increased support. So, even though they don’t look as sleek as Mizuna Men’s Wave Inspire 11, it is all for the greater good.

In conclusion, if you have severe overpronation or flat feet, these are the best running shoes for you.

5. ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation 8

81zeVHd3XIL. SP500

If you are an active runner, you’ve probably heard about these shoes the ASICS Gel-Foundation. These running shoes were created to offer support and absorb the impact of the energy transferred to the ground and your foot.

One of the main characteristics is that the shaft measures approximately 2” from the arch and is specially made for over-pronator and for those who have bigger and wider feet. Due to the midsole construction and a full, stable sole, the ASICS Gel-Foundation can provide better stability than most running shoes on the market. The foam in the forefoot and heel offers the level of cushioning you would usually feel in lighter shoes.

ASICS Gel-Foundation takes pride in its Guidance Line and Trusstic System that can guide the foot forward and provide more support. Moreover, the bunion window reduces pressure in key areas for a comfortable feel.

Even though there aren’t as many design options as with the shoes mentioned above, ASICS Gel-Foundation excels in functionality. And, that’s ok because, in the end, what you are looking for is not necessarily style, but comfort. And the ASICS Gel-Foundation can definitely compete with some of the best running shoes for men on the market.

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