Best Running Sunglasses in 2021- Updated

Looking for the best running sunglasses? Our detailed guide below will help you choose the right pair. All the sunglasses below are either unisex or come in a men’s or women’s version. It is both the best sunglasses for men and the best sunglasses for women’s guide.

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What to Look for When Shopping for the Best Running Sunglasses

The main goal of sunglasses is to protect your eyes. There are a few things your sunglasses need to do this well.

UV protection. The most important aspect of your sunglasses is to protect your eyes from harmful uv rays. Look for sunglasses that block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays with uv400 protection. Wide lenses that wrap around your eyes offer full protection from UV Rays. This is important if you are a marathon or ultra runner out in the sun for hours.

Shatter Resistant. The last thing you want the glasses to do is shatter. Look for a shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens for the ultimate protection.

Adjustable. Some glasses are quite easy to adjust to achieve a comfortable fit. Some feature an adjustable nose pad for comfort. This helps the sunglasses stay secure on your face as you run. Some also feature an interchangeable lens you can pop out and switch lenses when needed.

Top 6 Best Running Sunglasses Reviewed

Best Running Sunglasses

The ultimate polarized running sunglasses. If you work up a good sweat at your run, the rubber nose grip will keep these glasses in place instead of sliding around. You want to focus on the run, not on your sunglasses.

Vision quality is awesome. They featuring a 100% UV400 top layer, followed by an HD polarized layer. They are impact resistance in case you drop them.

They also stay in place while you are running. For the asking price, these are the best sunglasses for running on our list.

Oakley Sunglasses for Running

We really like the Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses. Even though they are the most expensive on our list, they are well worth the investment. These sporty sunglasses are lightweight, comfortable, and are good quality.
The lenses are 100% UV protection coated. The lenses are interchangeable. Choose from a few different tints. You can even buy replacement lenses. The frame is light flexible and durable. They feature an adjustable nose pad moving the face farther away reducing fogging. Oakley offers prescription running sunglasses as an option. They are great but pricey so check your insurance coverage.

All very important factors when you are out pounding the pavement or trail running. The snug fit means that they will stay in place, whether you are out for a light jog or an intensive run. Amazing protection and also stylish for everyday use. You’ll get your money’s worth with these sunglasses.

Running Sunglasses

Tifosi Jet glasses are great running sunglasses with a sporty design. They have a lightweight nylon frame. There are 3 different tint options, blue, red, or grey all with photochromatic lenses. They feature shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. With 100% UVA and UVB protection will protect your eyes from UV radiation.

Comfortable soft nose pieces and temple pads help keep these sunglasses from slipping. These shades also have excellent venting to reduce fogging.

Do you want running sunglasses without the triple-digit price tag? Then Tifosi is a great option.

Stylish Sunglasses

Goodr sunglass has a classic everyday shape. Are you are looking for something a little less sporty? Then they are a great option that you can wear for any occasion. They feature comfortable plastic arms and nice silicone nose piece and temple pads.

Their large lens has 100% UV protection. They do not wrap around the eye so can leak a bit of light but have good coverage for flat sports sunglasses.

They have a great fit and lots of color options. They also don’t bounce when running. Because these are cheap sunglasses they make great backup sunglasses. Leave an extra pair in your backpack or vehicle.

Cheap Sunglasses

Another great running sunglasses are the Duduman Polarized Sports Sunglasses. They will protect your eyes against both UVA and UVB rays. They are shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and durable. Everything you need as you are out running!

The nose pads are comfortable, not hard like some other brands. If you sweat, they will still stay on your face and the fit is great in all shapes and sizes. It offers great overall coverage around the eyes and comes in a variety of colors.

You also get a lifetime breakage warranty on the frames and the lenses.
We highly recommend them if you are serious about getting the best running gear for this great sport.

Best Sporty Sunglasses

These running sunglasses have a large wraparound lens. They provide an excellent fit as well as superb peripheral vision. They feature interchangeable lenses with the three options clear, AC red, and smoke. A video on Tifosi’s website shows how to change the lenses.

Thes grippy hydrophilic rubber adjustable nose piece helps these stay in place. As well as having a super close aerodynamic wraparound fit.

There are 6 lens vents and a vented nosepiece so they will not fog up. These are one of the best running sunglasses for someone who wants a single sporty lens.

What are Tinted Lens?

A really important aspect of any running sunglasses is the lens. The best running sunglasses come in a variety of lens tints. Which are suitable for different light conditions.
Browns and ambers are great in high-glare situations. Green reduces eyestrain and offers higher contrast in low-light situations.

Grey is neutral and allows the eye to see, the true colors that one would see when the sunglasses are removed.

Vermillion is great in high-glare situations (such as the sun reflecting off the snow.
Yellow-tinted and orange lenses offer great depth perception and contrast in low light. You can wear these lenses in the dark early morning or night to see better.

Oakley has a Prizm lens. The PRIZM dyes increase contrast and reduce glare for runners in different conditions.

Finally, there is a mirror coating. Which reflects the majority of the light that hits their surface. You can take a look at this article on for more information.

You can buy shades with interchangeable lenses. If you will be running in a lot of different conditions and locations, simply switch out the lens.

What are photochromatic lenses?

These lenses get dark when it is bright out and clear when it is not bright. They are a great option if running in changeable conditions. Photochromic or photochromatic lenses would be a good option for trail runners. Who is running in the shade and in bright conditions all in one run. These offer a quick instant change instead of having to switch inter-changeable lenses.

What are polarized lenses?

A polarized lens helps reduce glare on really bright, sunny days. Also from the lake or in the winter, when the light reflects off the snow. If you prefer trail running near lakes or rivers, a polarized sunglass is a must.

The best running sunglasses lens shape

The most important aspect of running glasses is to block harmful UV rays from your eyes. You should look for glasses with a larger lens to block out all the light. Wrap-around sport sunglasses have coverage around the sides of your eyes. These offer full protection from the sun and are a very popular style for runners.

The best running sunglasses frames

The most important aspect of a good frame is that it fits well and is comfortable. The arms on the best running glasses will fit snugly so they stay in place when bouncing. The best material is usually soft plastic or metal with temple pads. Make sure they are not too tight they need to be comfortable for your full run. Some sunglasses are also adjustable for a perfect fit.

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