Top 10 Ultra Running Influencers to Follow in 2022

Are you looking for a new place to get Ultra-Running news and stories?

We took a look at 10 Awesome blogs from writers about ultra-running. We will also answer a few questions about each blog, why you should be following them, and what you can expect by reading the blogs.

The list is in random order and all blogs have been treated equally in the process of reviewing them. Enjoy!

Ultra Runner Girl

Stephanie Case writes about running, war zones, and everything in between. That is quite a handful! The best part is that she is very funny as well.

Stephanie is an ultra-runner, freelance writer, human-rights lawyer, and founder of the nonprofit Free to Run. Good to note that this provides opportunities for women and girls to get involved in sports in conflict-afflicted communities like Afghanistan and South Sudan.

Her work as a human rights lawyer brings her in and out of areas of conflict.

What is Ultra Runner Girl about?

Stephanie’s blog is about her life as a runner, but she has a knack for weaving real-world problems into her stories. She comes up with a solution from her perspective, and she always ends up being on (the ultra) track again. She has a good way with words and can bring a smile to your face when reading.

What makes the Ultra Runner Girl blog unique?

There are not many posts each year, the last three years saw only 2 posts per year. In 2017 and previously she was a lot more active with her writing. However, in all her blogs you can find some real-world advice. 

She has a limited number of topics that she writes about, which makes the blog well-organized and easy to navigate. The topics are interesting though, ranging from nutrition or practical advice to race reports or sports treatment.

What can you learn from the Ultra Runner Girl blog?

Stephanie has good advice on training, nutrition, and training that she is happy to share with us. She writes in a very humorous way. Please do read her blog about dating as an ultra-runner. I am in stitches about the sage advice provided! 


Linda Doke is an ultra-distance trail runner and journalist. It looks like the running order (pun intended) of the two roles is in the right order this way! She has only been running for 26 years, she is just about to leave the rookie status behind her. NOT! Running has brought her all over the place, and she has been kicking ass whilst going around. During her races but also in her blogs. Linda is a great source of information about ultra-running.

What is ROCKHOPPIN’ Trail about?

ROCKHOPPIN’ Trail is about one thing and one thing only: ultra-trail running! Linda writes about her extensive experience as an ultra-trail runner. She talks about her race experiences, ultra-running, and health-related issues for runners, particularly women. It is all-around information on the various aspects that ultra-trail running is about. 

What makes the ROCKHOPPIN’ Trail blog unique?

In this blog, you can find a wealth of information from a well-experienced ultra-trail runner. When Linda is at the start line, you can expect her back on the podium most of the time. She does not run to finish; she runs to compete as well. 

Linda writes an average of 6 blogs per year, but they are well worth your time.

Ask Linda about her coaching that she offers. Somebody like Linda, with such an amount of experience under her belt, she can help you reach your goals. Since ultras are also about nutrition, she shares some great recipes for all stages of running. Before, during, and after a run.


What can you learn from the ROCKHOPPIN’ Trail blog?

You can learn from Linda’s wealth of experience, that she is happy to share with you. Raging from race reviews to interviews with other ultra-runners.

The topics she writes about cover various aspects of being an ultra-runner. From racing to food and interviews. Loads of valuable information to find here. Real nuggets, you just need to look for them

Relentless Forward Commotion

Heather Hart is one busy bee! Besides being a Mum of two boys, she is an ultra-runner and fitness professional/coach.

She is an ACSM certified exercise physiologist and RRCA certified running coach and with her husband co-founded Hart Strength and Endurance Coaching, an online and in-person run coaching service. 

She went from being a roadrunner, via triathlons and obstacle course events to an ultra-trail runner. 

What is Relentless Forward Commotion about?

Heather’s blog is all about running. She started writing in 2009 but has been running well before that date. She covers various aspects of running and ultra-running. It took her a while to arrive at where she is now, as an ultra-running Mum and coach. Heather has a witty writing style. She updates her blog on a very regular basis with informative blogs. Well worth digging in and reading upon.

What makes the Relentless Forward Commotion blog unique?

The blogs that Heather writes are written in an informative and entertaining way, and she knows how to bring a smile to your face about her antics.

In her blogs, she talks about all kinds of related running topics, from training & race day nutrition to emotional & mental health for runners. Both inspirational and entertaining.

She is also one of the many ultra-runners that is either vegan or vegetarian and writes about it. Plant-based food is the way to go!

What can you learn from the Relentless Forward Commotion blog?

Heather is a prolific writer, and she delivers quality articles as well. There is plenty to learn from her blogs, ranging from all her races, dating back to 2009, when she started her blog, to running and ultra-running tips. Advice and inspiration are plentiful, not to mention her coaching options. Lots of experience that is shared with in-depth articles on all aspects of ultra-running. How about sleep strategies during an ultra or what to eat the week before an ultra-marathon? Valuable information and advice. It is relentless!

Man v Miles 

Home Page

Kieran Alger is a London-based freelance editor, writer, and borderline crazy runner, in his words. He dedicates his blog to pushing boundaries, aiming high, and achieving goals. He also likes to collect blisters, stories, and snapshots from running marathons, ultras and shares them. Kieran is one of four UK journalists who test running gear for a living. Give me the pizza factory anytime. What a job!

The topics Kieran covers will be of interest to any ultra-runner. Ranging from race reviews and running tips to gear reviews.

What is Man v Miles about?

This blog is about running and its various aspects. Interestingly, Kieran covers many reviews about all kinds of running-related gear professionally. He also has some interesting things to share about all kinds of running-related nutrition. You can find out what to eat during a race, and he offers many alternative options to standard choices.

What makes the Man v Miles blog unique?

The Man v Mile blog is unique because of the wide range of running gear that Kieran tested. It seems he reviewed every piece of running equipment you can think of. 

What can you learn from the Man v Miles blog?

Kieran brings great nutritional tips to the table beside his gear reviews. Moreover, he has great running tips to offer. Man v Mile is the home of motivation and inspiration where we are constantly on the lookout for anything that can make being your best easier or just more fun.

Chris’ Ultra Blog

Chris is a vegetarian ultra-runner who likes to run trails rather than tracks or roads. His blogs come at a high rate, and he covers plenty of different angles. Chris’s stats are quite impressive, with some good personal bests at any given distance, starting at a 5k to 100 milers or multi-day ultras.

His interests range from running, ultrarunning, ultra-marathons, marathons, trail running, hiking, soccer, barefoot running to Vibram FiveFingers. He is one of the few ultra-runners that seem to be into barefoot running and the Vibram VFF’s.

What is Chris’ Ultra Blog about?

Chris’s blog is about running and all the various aspects it has to offer. He likes to keep track of his statistics, and they are impressive. It must be said. 

What makes the Chris’ Ultra blog unique?

The various statistics that Chris keeps track of are unique indeed. There are not many bloggers that keep that good track of their various stats. I like it, a lot!

What can you learn from Chris’ Ultra blog?

Chris’s blog will learn you how to keep track of your statistics. If you use statistics in the right way, it will help you to improve with your running and become an overall better runner. 


This is a highly active and well-organized blog with lots of information, tips, and free training plans, starting at 5 km all the way to the ultramarathon. However, I cannot find ultrarunningmom’s name anywhere. A well-hidden secret it seems.

What is Ultrarunningmom’s blog about?

This blog goes in-depth into training plans and offers also extensive checklists on gear and for your ultra-crew. Mom writes about all her experiences in well-written blogs, with an eye for detail. I can recommend reading the ‘about’ page. It is inspirational and informative. If she just would tell us her name!

What makes Ultrarunningmom’s blog unique?

What makes this blog unique are the extensive checklists. The list of what an ultra-crew should be about and what they need to be looking for is spectacular. A real work of ultra-information art! She also offers a cool gear list.

As if that is not enough, she happily shares free training plans from 5 km to ultra-distances.

What can you learn from Ultrarunningmom’s blog?

Reading this blog, you will learn about training plans, and her list of resources and recommended reading is also well worth checking out.

Ultrarunning Destinations

Luke is an endurance athlete who loves to travel and explore nature pursuing the next great trail running (and sometimes biking) adventure. He has a family, so he knows how to balance the running lifestyle with family life and find that balance between family, work, and himself.

He has run all over Europe and at many destinations in the USA.

What is Ultrarunning Destinations blog about?

Luke gives some good ideas in his blog on how to prepare for ultra-running events. From traveling to race destinations and maximizing your time to the clothing he can wear or use during his race but also when he leisurely walks around, exploring the race city and its environment.

What makes the Ultrarunning Destinations blog unique?

His first-hand experiences at all the various destinations come in the form of highly informative and detailed blogs. He follows the old Berlin Wall locations or is searching for the Northern Lights. There is always something interesting to find and learn.

What can you learn from the Ultrarunning Destinations blog?

You can learn about all the destinations that Luke has visited over the years. He covers plenty of mileage in Europe with some fascinating trails he encounters along the way. He has been to all corners of Europe but also in the USA, he put in some serious mileage. 

Running Dutchie

Lucja Leonard did not start running until 2008. As many of us can testify and relate to, her first 10 km was the end of her life as she knew it and the start of the rest of her running life. She gradually worked her way up. In May 2013 she ran her first ultra and in October. That same year she participated in a 250 km (160 miles) fully self-sufficient race over 6 stages through the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. I do not think she ever looked back! I am just trying to figure out the ‘Dutchie’ part.

What is the Running Dutchie blog about?

Lucja’s blog is about coaching, motivational speaking, and product reviews. She also has an impressive Race result & Calendar section. She reviews each race, going back to 2010 for the Amsterdam, Netherlands marathon.

What makes the Running Dutchie blog unique?

The Running Dutchie blog is unique for the variety of topics she writes about plus the fact that she can come to your place and do a motivational speech. 

What can you learn from the Running Dutchie blog?

You can learn from her life story, how she somehow managed to get overweight, almost putting 100 kg’s on the scale but how running changed her life. Her new lifestyle involved a new diet and a running habit that got out of control. She now weighs 66 kg and is extremely passionate about fitness, running, healthy & wellness. Have her inspire you in pushing your boundaries and experiencing life through exciting challenges.

Ellie Greenwood

Ellie is a Western States 100-mile Endurance Run Course Record holder since 2012. She is also a winner of the Comrades’ marathon over 89 km. Now she is into coaching with the Sharman Ultra Endurance Coaching team, and she is an active speaker.

What is the Ellie Greenwood blog about?

Her current contributions have slowed down a bit, partly due to Covid-19, just like many other bloggers. What makes her blog interesting is the reviews of the races she ran, with many podium places to boost.

What makes the Ellie Greenwood blog unique?

Ellie’s blog is unique because you get a good insight into ultra-racing in front of the pack. She delivers a unique perspective of running well-known and respected ultra-races.

What can you learn from the Ellie Greenwood blog?

You can learn by reading the articles she wrote, an extensive list is available on her blog. Her blogs are also interesting and professionally written with good insights into her races.

John Kynaston’s ultra running diary

John is a highly active master ultra-runner with 52 races under his belt since 2008. He has documented each race very well, and you can view all of them on his blog. John’s glass always seems to be half full, since he has plenty of races planned this year. Kudos to you John!

What is John Kynaston’s ultra running diary blog about?

This blog is about John’s journey into running with all his achievements listed. Besides race reviews, he keeps active at posting and setting new goals for him, even during these difficult Covid-19 times.

What makes John Kynaston’s ultra running diary blog unique?

What makes this blog unique is to be able to follow a master runner during his journey of running various ultras in a year. The one thing that stands out though, is the fact that since 2007 he has kept detailed running stats of all his runs. Training runs and race runs. Check the training tab on his blog and be amazed.

What can you learn from John Kynaston’s ultra running diary blog?

How you can remain active as a master runner. It is impressive to see his backlog of running stats. He also shows you how you can have fun and involve family and friends with his running antics. His ‘Guess my time’ page has it all. Do not forget to check this out!

I’m a runner, a dad, a writer, just trying to help runners make better decisions. My running career started back in 2013 getting into olympic triathlons, increasing to full distance Ironmans in 2017. Through the process of run training as a hobby and trying to train the least possible to avoid injury and still compete at the Ironman distance, I’ve put years of research and testing into simple running routines and techniques. As a writer, working with coaches and experts we take their experience and provide articles to help runners at every level.

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