10 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2021

We will highlight the ten best running shoes for flat feet, and give you some useful tips on how to deal with your flat arches the right way. Save yourself some time and pain by referring to our guide below!

Running Shoes for Flat Feet Considerations

Before you check out the great running shoes for your flat feet below, consider the following:

  • Talk With A Specialist. Before you assume anything about your foot health, it’s a good idea to ask a medical professional. A foot specialist, known as a podiatrist, will help you determine where and how you need support as you run.

You may have already noticed that you have flat feet, but there might be some other problems you are unaware of that a professional would be able to point out to you.

  • Where You Run. Trail runners, marathoners and casual joggers all have different shoe needs. Determine the type of environment you will most often run in and then check for great flat feet running shoes in that category.

We include a mixture of shoes below that are appropriate for all types of runners!

  • Orthotics or Inserts. If you really love your existing shoes and would like to try an alternative before investing in a new pair, see if some custom made orthotics or inserts designed for overpronators will help you.

If your podiatrist has custom orthotics made, then be sure to bring them your regular running shoes to help them assess your needs.

Top 10 Running Shoes for Flat Feet Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
51hD4oRi4PL. SL1101. ASICS Men's Gel kayano 21 Running Shoe$$4.6
511w7DsJ4GL. SL1102. Hoka One One Men's M Clifton Running Shoe$$$$4.6
5143vZUZPEL. SL1103. Nike Lunarglide 6 Sz 9 Womens Running Shoes$$4.6
51lmhFu3 SL. SL1104. Nike Women's Air Zoom Structure Running Shoe 9.5 Women US$$4.6
41%2B97CpvVsL. SL1105. ASICS Men's GEL-Lyte33 2 Running Shoe$$4.3
41XD7pu8IOL. SL1106. New Balance Women's W940V2 Running Shoe$$$4.3
7. Saucony Men's Fastwitch 6 Running Shoe$$4.3
515y8nCKJGL. SL1108. New Balance Women's WT610V4 Trail Running Shoe$4.2
418kBdpAbVL. SL1109. ASICS Women's GEL-Super J33 Running Shoe$4.2
51%2BwAuFXesL. SL11010. New Balance Men's MT610V4 Trail Running Shoe$4.2

Flat Feet = Low Arches

If you have flat feet, this means your low arches aren’t properly supporting the posture of your body when you move, and running on them can cause you a whole heap of problems.

Knee pain, foot pain, back pain and leg pain. You need to literally “get to the bottom of things,” which means looking at your feet and examining your pronation.

  • Pronation. This is the degree that the foot rolls inward after the heel strikes the ground.

A normal pronation rolls in at about 15°, and those with flat feet tend to overpronate. After their heel strikes the ground, it will roll inward at an angle larger than 15°, which makes it difficult for the ankle to stabilize your body and the impact shock to be absorbed inefficiently.

When you roll through during the stride to the front of your foot, the large toe and second toe are forced to carry the majority of the weight.

In order to see what your foot pattern is like, just get a piece of cardboard and step on it with wet feet.

Check the imprint when you’re done, and if you see the majority of your foot outline, then you definitely have low arches.

How to Determine If You Overpronate

For starters, you can look at the inside of your shoe and see where most of the wear and tear has occurred. Overpronators with flat or weak arches tend to wear out the inside portion of the shoe (where the big toe rests) as well as the heel.

Shoe Types for Flat Feet

If you are an overpronator due to your flat feet, then you need the following types of running shoes:

  • Motion Control. For those with moderate to severe overpronation, these will help compensate for your improper gait as your strike the ground and push off, keeping your aligned as you run.
  • Stability. For those with mild to moderate pronation issues, this design is a mix between a motion control and a normal shoe.

Exercises and Stretches

In addition to the proper running shoes, you may be able to help yourself with proper exercises and stretches.

Start by strengthening your ankles:

  • Standing Wall Calf Stretch
  • Downward Dog Stretch
  • Calf Raises

These exercises are a good place to start, but be sure to speak to your physician or podiatrist to make sure you are doing exercises that are right for you!

Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

1. ASICS Gel kayano 21


There are a lot of runners out there who will agree that these are the best running shoes for flat feet. They offer everything a flat-footed person needs as they run!

The gait-enhancing Guidance Trusstic System helps you as you transition from heel strike to forefoot, supporting your feet in all of the right ways as you move.

It also features Asics’s FluidRide bounce back cushioning that helps reduce the overall weight of the shoe while staying durable.

This is a great shoe for overpronators due to the gel cushioning used in the rearfoot and the forefoot, which helps runners maintain a more neutral step. It also offers ultimate shock absorption.

2. Hoka One One M Clifton


Hoka One One shoes feature a unique, anti-shoe design with it’s curved sole, offering a truly unique and comfortable experience for runners as their feet strike the ground.

Don’t let the thick midsole fool you, this shoe is super lightweight and oh-so-comfortable on your feet as you run. It offers great cushioning and Hoka’s unique meta-rocker system will have you feeling like the shoe is rocking you forward with each stride. It makes you want to run faster, and continue running fast!

The mesh uppers are breathable and your feet feel just right in the shoe: snug but not too tight.

An awesome running shoe that your flat feet will love!

3. Nike Lunarglide 6


This is a great stability shoe from Nike.

It features their lightweight Lunarlon cushioning system offers your feet a plush, comfortable platform with enhanced medial support for the inner section of your feet, while the pressure-mapped outsole promotes a natural range of motion as you run. This system is visible when you look at the bottom of the shoe, where you’ll notice different rings of colors that “map out” the pressure areas of the forefoot.

The angled dual-density midsole foam (you’ll see it covering a major portion on the heel of the shoe down to the midsole) slows down pronation and provides more stability for your feet.

It offers you a very smooth transition from heel strike to forefoot and is a great model that offers flat-footed runners just what they need.

4. Nike Air Zoom Structure

51lmhFu3 SL

The triple density midsole of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 offers runners superb stability.

Overpronators will benefit from high-density medial posting (which you will see on the inner side of the midsole) that offers your feet the support it needs through the stride.

The forefoot of the shoe contains the Nike Zoom technology, which is a pressurized “air bag” that gives you great pop as you run. Just like the Hoka One One above, it makes you want to run faster and faster!

The flywire lacing system helps the shoe to comfortably hug your foot, giving you a secure feel as you run.

All the stability and flexibility you’ll need in a running shoe!

5. ASICS GEL-Lyte33 2


Flat-footed runners do well with the Asics gel shoes, which is why the Gel-Lyte33 2 is number five on our list.

This features a rearfoot gel cushioning system and a two layer SpEVA midsole that gives you a bouncy and responsive ride. It offers you a smooth transition from heel to forefoot with the Guidance Line Flex Groove on the bottom of the shoe (turn the shoe over and you’ll see it on the heel).

For an extra speedy feeling, the Asics F.A.S.T. Drop technology raises your heel slightly for optimal foot placement, while the F.A.S.T sole and F.A.S.T. Heel will offer you a snug, comfortable fit.

You’ll get a lot of mileage out of these shoes. They’re lightweight and great for endurance runners or those who run in marathons.

Final Thoughts

While the top five on our list are excellent choices for any flat-footed runners, be sure to check out the other options that we’ve included if you’d like to compare prices and styles.

Don’t forget we’ve also included some excellent trail running shoes, and as always, make sure you speak with a foot specialist before you take any drastic measures!

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