5 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Men 2022

Finding the best running shoes for heavy men doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If your a heavy man you wear any brand of shoe, however, you might want to buy something more durable as your shoes can wear down quickly. There are some brands that have created shoes with extra widths for people with bigger feet. Heavier people can use more shock absorption and extra cushion especially for those who are just starting to run. It is also important to know your gait you can get a gait analysis at a running store.

Running is a safe sport that attracts people of all shapes and sizes. People run as a fun activity to pass the time, for competition, and to lose weight and get in shape. Finding the very best running shoes will allow your feet to remain comfortable and it also prevents injuries. Fortunately, we have done all of the research already and present you with the best choices currently available on the market.

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Tips for Finding the Best Running Shoes for Heavy Men

When searching for the ideal running shoe for a heavier runner, there are few things you will want to consider. Whether you want to run on occasion or even if you want to run on a daily basis, a good pair of running shoes is highly important. Here are a few features that you’ll want to look for when seeking the best running shoes for heavy men.


Support is incredibly important when you’re a heavy runner. Have proper form is crucial to avoiding injuries and that can only be achieved if your shoes provide enough support. If you haven’t run in a while a stability shoe will help provide more support in till you develop more muscles in your feet.

Shock absorption

Shock absorption is what prevents your joints from taking too much damage. Runners place between 1.5 – 3 times their body weight in shock on their joints every time they land; a high-quality runner can take some of that weight off your joints.


Cushioning provides an additional level of comfort while running by removing some more of the pain dealt with your joints. Many brands use GEL cushioning to make each landing more comfortable. If you are just starting out running to lose weight looking for a really comfortable you can use it as a walking shoe too. Shoes with lots of cushions will be your friend and lightweight running shoes allow you to get your feet off the ground with more ease. It’s well worth investing in a lightweight cushioned pair of running shoes because the benefits will certainly be noticed.

Larger width

Lots of larger guys can benefit from a larger width shoe to make room in the toe box some shoe brands offer multiple width options that can benefit men with large feet.

Who is a Heavy Runner?

If you are a heavy man you might be naturally large and tall or intentionally bulking up for weight lifting, or you could have a little extra weight you want to loose or you are overweight. Running and or running/walking is a great for all types of heavy runners. If you are very overweight you should discuss with your doctor prior to drastically changing your workouts and also monitor your heart rate.

While there are numerous factors that determine whether or not you should purchase running shoes for heavy men, one pretty good reference is knowing your body mass index. Normally, a person who has a BMI over 30 should shop for shoes created for heavy men.

By placing so much shock on your joints while running, it’s highly important to take every precaution necessary in order to prevent any serious injuries from occurring. Knowing when to shop for heavy men running shoes can allow you to prevent injuries such as plantar fasciitis while taking care of your feet and joints.

5 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Men Reviews

Brooks runners for heavy men

The Brooks Men’s Transend Running Shoe offers Brooks DNA Loft system in the midsole, which provides customized support along with additional cushioning features and a thick rubber sole. This shoe is another great option when shopping for heavy men running shoes.

The Transend is great for overweight runners with flat feet or low arches. This shoe is also good for a runner who overpronates. If you happen to have a high arch take a look at Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 which offers the same max cushioning with support as the Transend but designed high to medium arches.

With great flexibility, you will be able to benefit from all of the mobility that you need. The Transend is made with a mesh upper so you can also benefit from great breathability. If you’re looking for an amazing running shoe you’ll certainly want to look into the Brooks Men’s Transend Running Shoe.

Heavy mans runner Asics

Asics gel Nimbus 23 Running Shoe is made with a heavier runner in mind. This shoe offers cutting-edge GEL cushioning, providing you with the ultimate comfort sensation while running. This shoe also has an integrated FluidRide midsole and it has Asics maximum cushioning, this shoe provides the ultimate comfort. This shoe is made for a runner who underpronates or has a neutral gait.

The Nimbus running shoe is made with a breathable synthetic upper material, allowing for fresh feet that don’t accumulate sweat. Available in numerous colors and at an affordable price range, the ASICS Men’s GEL Nimbus Running Shoe is definitely worth considering. This shoe would also be great for overweight walkers and not just for runners.

Mizuno Enigma 5

The Mizuno Men’s Wave Enigma 5 Running Shoe is the best shoe in our list for heavy men. This shoe provides you with amazing shock absorption for a neutral shoe. The full-length wave provides great cushioning in the midsole so that every landing can be a smooth one. With superb support and a thick rubber sole, this shoe is a great option for heavy men.

With a mesh upper and synthetic materials, this shoe offers great mobility and breathability that definitely makes a major difference. If you’re looking for a high quality running shoe for heavy men, you’ll definitely want to consider the Mizuno Men’s Wave Enigma 5 if you are a neutral runner.


Saucony Hurricane ISO5 is a stability shoe with maximum cushion. It is designed for those who pronate and need a stability shoe to keep there ankles from rolling inward. They are really supportive and great for long runs.

The Hurricanes have been upgraded from previous models to include a mesh upper which improves breathability and reduces sweaty feet. The midsole now features Sauconys new EVERRUN top sol extra cushioning, this adds more cushioning with the same responsiveness. They come in both regular and wide sizes!

Hoka Bondi running shoe

Reviewers of the Hoka One Bondi 7 state it is like walking on a cloud. The Bondi 7 is Hoka’s most cushioned road running shoe. It features a full EVA midsole with meta rocker technology. They are made with a synthetic breathable mesh upper which makes them feel more comfortable, and lightweight when running.

The insole is removable if you are wanting to put in your own orthotics. It is also even padded around and on top of your foot with memory foam for extra comfort and plushness. The Hoka would also make a great walking shoe. This is not a stability shoe making it better for shorter runs and walk/run intervals. This is a great shoe for heavy men!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best running shoes for heavy guys?

Brooks Transcend 7, ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 23, Mizuno Men’s Wave Enigma 5, Saucony Men’s Hurricane ISO 5, HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 7.

Is it bad to wear running shoes that are too big?

Running in shoes that are too big allow your feet to move and shift in your shoe this can cause blisters and also lead to rolled ankles. It is best to wear shoe that are the right size for your feet. However if you plan to wear thick socks in the winter you could order 1/2 a size up. Also feet swell when running long distances so ordering a 1/2 size up can be ideal but don’t over do it.

What is the best shock-absorbing running shoe?

Shock absorption is the foam or EVA cushion that dissipates the kinetic energy from your body into the ground. The best shock-absorbing running shoe is one with maximum cushioning. The Hoka One Bondi 7 and Brooks Transcend or Adrenaline are shoes that we recommend with maximum cushion.

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